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Date: 01.07.2019
Source: JF
When I think of Rullepølse, it’s the one my parents used to get from Metro (a Danish Sam’s Club equivalent) which was covered in parsley, delicious but pricey.
The supermarket version, which is typically very fat and with very little flavor is better than nothing, but not amazing.
So I decided to attempt to make my own, and it’s not that difficult, it requires some patience, some prep work and a few tools.
The nice thing about making your own, is that you can get the flavors you like. I love the way I had it as a kid, parsley, onion and pepper is what I am going to be using, but you can add whatever you like.
You should always add a bit more than you think you need.

Tools you need:
Large soup pot, Knife (duh), Cutting board, Butchers Twine, Meat Press… Well… I do have one and it does make it easier, however, you don’t need one. Before I bought mine, I used either two loaf-pans or I’ve used two pieces of wood and clutch clamps or vices. Let your inner MacGyver come to life but remember your contraption needs to fit in the fridge.
In addition a blender or food processor. (you could also just chop it very fine)
“The meat” You can make it from any meat I suppose, but I’ve only ever made it with pork. You should be able to use lamb or beef or a mix. I was just thinking it might be delicious with duck… (lightbulb!)
What you want is what my mom calls a “Slag” but good luck explaining that to your butcher.
If you use pork loin, you are likely to get very lean meat and that’s not ideal. You need fat. Not only does it add flavor, but if you use a low fat or fat-free meat, you end up with a rulle that will fall apart when you slice it. So what I do is ask the butcher to save me some ‘fat-scraps’ I can add to the roll.

Prep: 3-4 days

Cook: 2 hours

Yields: Plenty



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    Start by making your brine. This can be done in advance since it needs to be cold before you add the meat to it.

  • 03.

    In a pot (non-reactive) add a gallon of water, 2 lbs of salt, 200g sugar, heat until everything is dissolved, it doesn’t need to boil, leave to cool.

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    Cut the meat such that you’ll end up with a 1.5-2 cm thick rectangle. I do it by first slicing from the bottom on the long side 1/3 of the height up from the bottom, and fold over, then cut/slice again ½ of the remaining thickness. I try and make the meat the same thickness. Tough to explain without showing, so I’ll make another and add pictures, but basically you want to end up with ONE rectangle of meat of similar thickness.

  • 06.

    Spice Blend

  • 07.

    In a food processor or blender add parsley (no stems) and onion, make a paste. Smear this paste on the meat, as much as you want. I found that adding a bit more than I think is necessary, adds more flavor, you will need to experiment a little to get the flavor you like. If it''s too liquidy, strain it.

  • 08.

    I used two ‘bunches’ of parsley and one large onion.

  • 09.

    After spreading the mix, I sprinkle a little salt and generous amounts of course ground pepper. Again, you need to experiment a bit, but use a little more than you think you need.

  • 10.

    (you could add other spices, herbs or flavors, like allspice, cloves or garlic, do what makes you happy)

  • 11.

    In, what will be the center of the roll, add slices of the fat in an somewhat even amount through the length of the roll. I used about a few centimeters in diameter all the way through, you can use what you feel is right for you, but you will need it if you use lean meats.

  • 12.

    Now it’s time to roll it. Start in the end you placed the fat and roll it very tightly, but not so tight that the filling is pushed out. Once you have a nice ‘roulade’, tie the first knot around the end of the roll, as close to the edge as possible. Make sure the knot is solid. Then just run the twine around the roll, spacing it about an inch all the way to the other end and tie it again, close to the edge.

  • 13.

    Some of the filling might escape, don’t worry about it.

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    Place the ‘rulle’ in the cold brine and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours, preferably a few days. I don’t think much is gained from leaving it longer.

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    Cooking Time

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    Once your brine process is done, it’s time to simmer (no boiling) for about 90 minutes for a 3 lbs ‘rulle’. If you made it bigger you might want to use a meat thermometer and ensure the center is at least 165 degrees (F).

  • 17.

    If you do not have a press, you probably want to prepare whatever contraption you came up with while it’s simmering, you must start the press-process while it’s hot.

  • 18.

    I place clear plastic wrap over and under the meat before placing it in the press, mostly to ease cleanup, but don’t wrap the meat in it, the press process allows liquid to escape, you’ll want to allow it.

  • 19.

    Two loaf-pans work just as well, place meat in one, put the other on top and push them tight together and tie them or use vice clamps or whatever you have.

  • 20.

    Once in the press, place in refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Remove the twine and slice thinly.

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    If the ‘rulle’ falls apart when sliced, you needed to use more fat or use a fattier meat. Personally I like when I can slice it on the lowest setting on my meat slicer and it still stays together.

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    I hope you enjoy, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. These usually don’t last very long in my house so I’m sure I’ll be making another soon.