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Glogg 1/2

Date: 01.07.2019
Source: Mommy
This is basically Christmas in a glass... I LOVE glogg... I don't care if it's Swedish or German, it's Danish to me :)

Prep: 5-6 hours

Cook: 20

Yields: 4-5 glasses


  • 01.

    Add raisins, almonds, broken cinnamon and cloves to the cognac for at least 5-6 hours (covered)

  • 02.

    Mix wine, sugar and 1/2 liter water and get it to a slow boil, lower heat to just keep warm.

  • 03.

    Add raisin/almond spice mix to wine.

  • 04.

    Do not boil, heat for about 30 minutes before removing cloves and cinnamon and serve.