Opbagt Sovs (Gravy/Roux)


One of the staples in the old Danish kitchen is sovs. Whether it’s curry, white or the classic brown gravy, the preparation is almost the same.

Cook time15


  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Milk/water/broth/meat drippings


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    Cooking15 minutes

    Start by talking equal amounts of butter and flour and first melt the butter in a pan until the butter has bubbled off and add the flour whisking continuously until they are incorporated.,How long you wait until you add the liquid will determine the flavor later, but I usually wait until it gets a bit ‘nutty’.,Add your liquid slowly until the gravy is the consistency you prefer and add salt and pepper to taste.,Depending on what you want, now you should add ‘kuloer’ (browner), curry or whatever you desire.,A variation I enjoy is to make an onion gravy where you peel and slice an onion or two and saute them in the saucepan (or saucier) and once soft and brown set aside and follow the directions as above and then add the onions when gravy is done. ,

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